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More Harry Potter News

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More from Pottermore  05/03/2017
It's always an interesting read when it comes to JK Rowling and this is no exception.
She writes... Journalism in the wizarding world

While the wizarding and Muggle worlds can seem as different as Slytherins and Hufflepuffs, the appetite for news in both is almost the same.
We've looked at some of the biggest journalistic scandals in recent wizarding history to see just how similar they are.
Muggles will never have Magizoologists, or an Improper Use of Magic Office slotted in next to the Department for Work and Pensions, but journalism is a shared vocation.
If you compare some of the most newsworthy events on either side it syncs up remarkably often.....
For the rest of this article, head on over to Pottermore.
J.K Rowling certainly knows how to write to entertain, so we'd rather not spoil it.

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