More Harry Potter News

More Harry Potter News

Atlanta Comic Con 2018 Debut

Get your Harry Potter Costume Now

Atlanta Comic Con 2018 Debut 06/13/2018

May 2018 Comic Cons

May 2018 Comic Cons 04/10/2018

April 2018 Comic Cons

Get your Harry Potter Costumes Now

April 2018 Comic Cons 03/28/2018

Queen City Mischief and Magic

Coming to Staunton VA Sept 22 - 24

Queen City Mischief and Magic 08/31/2017


May 2018 Comic Cons  04/10/2018


Looking forward to the Merry Month of May with these exciting listings.

So much to choose from in May and as ever, there is bound to be something for all types of fandoms out there, whether it be comic strips, art enthusiasm, fancy dressing, cosplay or just to hanging out for the atmosphere.

Fun for all the family.

If Harry Potter Costumes are your thing, then don't forget to check us out HERE for a magical  look in your fancy or cosplay endeavors...

Click on the links below for your local cons

4-6 May

ACME (Arizona Comic Mini Expo) - Mesa 05/05

11-13 May
Fantasia Comic Con - Indio 05/12
Savannah Mega Comic Con - Savannah 05/12
Hampton Beach Comic Book Show - Hampton 05/12
Ratha Con - Athens 05/12
Tidewater Comicon - Virginia Beach 05/11

18-20 May
Comic Con Revolution - Ontario 05/19
Haverhill Public Library Comic Con - Haverhill 05/19
Nickel City Con - Buffalo 05/18
3 Rivers Comicon - West Mifflin 05/19
Motor City Comic Con - Novi 05/18,

25-27 May

Phoenix Comic Fest - Phoenix 05/24
Cherry Capitol Con - Traverse City 05/25
Comicpalooza - Houston 05/25






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